Why HWH Environmental for Your Hazardous Waste and Non Hazardous Waste Disposal Needs?

wasteWhen hazardous waste is routinely generated and stored at your company, regardless of your generator status, it is crucial to work with a partner that is experienced, well-trained and maintains top safety practices in removing hazardous waste products. This is where the team at HWH Environmental can make all the difference.

Responsive Customer Service Team:

  • You reach a live human being instead of an automated voice system.
  • Our team has a combined 25 years of experience in the disposal industry.
  • We focus on customizing your disposal solutions and provide detailed pricing and flexible scheduling.
  • How this helps you?  You will have more efficient use of your two most precious resources: time and money.

Significant Cost Savings:

  • We are not tied to specific vendors or disposal solutions.
  • We are a non-asset based company, which provides more flexibility and a wider spectrum of solutions than our larger competitors.
  • How this helps you? On average we save our customers 20% over our competitors and in some cases up to 50%.

Reduced Lead Time:

  • Our nationwide logistics team allows for expedited services.
  • We can service most of our customers in less than a week lead-time. Most of our competitors are at 2-3 weeks.
  • How this helps you? Accommodates your scheduled audits and inspections aiding in compliance with Local and Federal regulations.

Safety and Compliance:

  • We reduce your exposure to hazardous substances to maintain a safe and healthy workplace.
  • We are licensed and insured following best practices for proper handling, transport and disposal.
  • Our technicians, drivers and customer service staff are trained in EPA, OSHA and DOT regulations.
  • How this helps you? We decrease your risk for non-compliance consequences and reduce your environmental footprint.

Call HWH Environmental today @ 1-877-777-6708 to discuss your waste disposal needs!


“I own my own business and over the past several years, I’ve done work with three different disposal companies. There was bad communication with these three companies. The job always ended up never being completed. I also encountered multiple billing issues with one of the companies. I’m glad that I found HWH Environmental because they walked with me every step of the project. Thanks again!” 

Allan T. – Indianapolis, IN

“Our business had been looking for hazardous waste services but the quotes we had received were outrageous. It took one phone call to HWH Environmental and they scheduled our project immediately. We didn’t pay outrageous prices with HWH.”
Melinda J. – Denver, CO

“Working in NYC can be tough due to the large population. I work for a large factory and I contacted over 10 hazardous waste companies that offered disposal services.  I wasn't able to get an estimate or get a straight answer from any of them. I’m glad that a colleague recommended HWH Enviornmental to me. They responded quickly and gave us a fair price. Thank you!”
Kristin L. – New York, NY

“If you are looking for a quick answer and a great price, call HWH Environmental. I was a little hesitant to work with HWH because they didn't call me back. However, when I did get in contact with them, they apologized and scheduled service right away. I had a building that was leased out to a dental office, which had produced a great deal of medical waste. HWH Environmental disposed of the waste in no time.”
Morgan R. – Charlotte, NC

“When I called HWH Environmental, they described in detail how the process would go. I didn’t produce a lot of waste that needed to be disposed of but they were fair with their pricing and also did a great job.”
Rita P. – Los Angeles, CA

“You don't have to call other places because HWH Environmental does it all. I will recommend their disposal services because the several times that I have worked with them, they have delivered each time. Keep up the great work!”
Thomas G.C – Miami, FL