Important Tips For Handling Hazardous Waste

Handling hazardous waste has inherent risks, but it is an unavoidable aspect of numerous jobs and businesses. Use the following tips to stay safe while dealing with hazardous waste:

Proper Storage Materials

In order to properly store hazardous waste, make sure to use proper storage containers. Here are some tips to follow:

  • Use sealable containers to prevent the release of chemical substances that can be harmful to workers and the environment.
  • Ensure that containers are compatible with the waste being stored in them

Maintain Appropriate Storage Areas

You should designate a hazardous waste area that is not accessible to unauthorized people. This area should be clearly marked as a hazardous waste storage area.

Regular Inspections

One of the most important practices your company can do is to establish, perform and document inspections of storage areas. Regular inspections will quickly reveal minor problems that can easily be fixed before an issue turns into a more costly one.

Train and Educate Employees

To maintain a safe working environment for your employees, companies should train their employees on how to handle hazardous waste. Companies must make sure that their employees are aware of all emergency procedures and how to properly handle hazardous waste in any situation.

Update Your Contingency Plan

A contingency plan is designed to minimize the threats to human health and the environment from an unplanned release of hazardous waste. Every company that produces hazardous waste must have an emergency contingency plan.

A contingency plan should be developed by each company that produces hazardous waste. This plan should state the actions that must be taken immediately during an emergency situation. Every contingency plan will depend on the type of hazardous waste you are working with.

Proper storage, regular inspections, well-trained employees and an up to date contingency plan are key to effective handling of hazardous waste. Use these tips to help ensure a safe, successful experience for your company, employees and clients.