How to Store Your Company’s Hazardous Waste

Each day, businesses of all kinds generate tons of hazardous waste. Until it is disposed according to regulations and industry standards, it must be safely stored. This post offers you tips for proper storage of hazardous wastes. Items considered to be hazardous waste includes:

  • Waste that is inflammable
  • Waste which is reactive
  • Waste which is corrosive
  • Waste which is toxic
  1. Use Proper Storage Materials

The correct containers for hazardous waste must be leakproof and rugged. While waste is being added to the container it must be able to be closed and when full sealed. Waste containers must be labelled as such and include a detailed explanation of the contents and the date when the container was first put into use. Containers should be stored with aisle space for weekly inspections and be on an impervious surface.

  1. Maintain Appropriate Storage Areas

While waste stored indoors has been addressed above, many businesses store their waste outdoors where it awaits pickup. These storage areas must be inaccessible to unauthorized people with clear signage identifying the area as containing hazardous materials.

  1. Train Your Employees

Subtitle C of the Federal Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) and the applicable regulations of the US Environmental Protection Agency at 40 CFR 262.34 & §265.16 mandates training of those employees assigned to handle hazardous waste, or who may be called to act if there is an onsite release of hazardous waste.

  1. Create and Maintain an Emergency Hazardous Waste Plan

Emergency plans for a hazardous waste incident help protect people and property from injury or damage. Emergency response is needed when hazardous waste is implicated in a fire, as a cause of contamination, or the cause serious injuries or fatalities.

  1. Understand Your Industry’s Hazardous Waste Requirement

Depending on how much hazardous waste your business generates, its type, and your industry leads to your facility’s understanding of its hazardous waste requirements. Talk to HWH Environmental today, and a waste expert can help you determine the best options for your next shipment.

Author: Mark Chocola

With over 25 years of experience in the hazardous waste disposal industry, Mark Chocola is one of the driving forces behind HWH Environmental that are committed to providing safe, compliant, and cost-effective hazardous waste solutions. His deep industry knowledge and dedication to customer service have made HWH Environmental a trusted partner for businesses across the United States.