Hand Sanitizer Disposal Services

Does your business have truckloads of expired hand sanitizer sitting around your warehouse? Or did your company purchase FDA non-compliant hand sanitizer that needs to be disposed of?

In either case, HWH Environmental provides quick, simple, and easy hand sanitizer disposal services that comply with government regulations to help your business avoid costly fines.

Why Do I Need to Dispose of Hand Sanitizer?

If you have stock of expired or non-compliant hand sanitizer accumulated over the last two years, you must work with a professional hazardous waste removal company for disposal.

Large amounts of hand sanitizer poured down the drain leads to contaminated water supplies and potentially dangerous circumstances within sewer systems. Because of those dangers, it’s best to leave hand sanitizer disposal to the pros.

There are two main reasons why hand sanitizer needs to be disposed of: expiration and non-compliance with FDA regulations.


When stored and unopened, hand sanitizer has a lifespan of around 2-3 years. But once the product is past its expiration date, you can no longer keep it on the shelves or sell it.

If you have expired hand sanitizer, contact us today, and one of our hazardous waste removal experts will provide you with a free quote.

FDA Non-Compliant

There are only two acceptable alcohols in hand sanitizer: ethyl alcohol and isopropyl alcohol (also known as 2-propanol). If the hand sanitizer has methanol and 1-propanol, it is toxic to humans and not compliant with current regulations.

When removing FDA non-compliant hand sanitizer, HWH Environmental’s hazardous waste disposal service adheres to all government regulations.

Government Regulations

Federal guidelines identify alcohol-based hand sanitizer as a hazardous chemical because of its ignitability. Any business with leftover hand sanitizer bottles must follow RCRA regulations for proper chemical waste disposal.

HWH Environmental Hand Sanitizer Disposal

Hand sanitizer guidance changed as the various COVID-related protocols lapsed over the past two years.

“Effective December 31, 2021, companies that manufactured alcohol-based hand sanitizers under the FDA’s temporary policies ceased production, and hand sanitizers manufactured before or on December 31, 2021, and produced under the temporary guidance could no longer be sold or distributed by manufacturers after March 31, 2022.”

Because alcohol-based hand sanitizer is usually around 60% alcohol by volume, it is classified as an ignitable hazardous waste.

Excess alcohol-based hand sanitizers require full cradle-to-grave management under RCRA, including but not limited to:

  • Hazardous waste notification
  • Hazardous waste labeling and accumulation standards
  • Manifesting
  • Hazardous waste reporting
  • Hazardous waste treatment and disposal

HWH Environmental specializes in full-service hazardous waste disposal, including handling, removal, and transportation and disposal in guidance with EPA and RCRA federal guidelines.

Hand Sanitizer Bulk Storage

The EPA follows the NFPA 30: Flammable and Combustible Liquids Code for proper storage of bulk amounts of hand sanitizer.

If you use a flammable liquids storage cabinet for hazardous hand sanitizer waste, the Maximum Allowable Quantity increases by 100 percent. The MAQ increases by another 100 percent if the storage is in an area where sprinklers are installed.


How should I dispose of hand sanitizer?

Hand sanitizer needs to be disposed of through a hazardous waste disposal service, as you and your business are liable for any environmental damages excess hand sanitizer may cause.

Is it okay to pour hand sanitizer down the drain?

Do not pour hand sanitizer down the drain. Hand sanitizer contains chemicals that can harm the environment and contaminate the water supply.

Is hand sanitizer considered hazardous?

Alcohol-based hand sanitizer is considered hazardous due to its flammability.

Is hand sanitizer flammable?

Yes. Hand sanitizer is flammable. The alcohol content in hand sanitizer makes it highly flammable and easily catches fire if exposed to heat or an open flame.

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