Are You Ready to Deal With a Hazardous Waste Spill?

Are you prepared to handle a hazardous waste cleanup? If you don’t have a plan in place, you can’t deal with the situation quickly and things will get worse. Use these tips to check your readiness for a hazardous waste cleanup.

Review Cleanup Plans

What plans do you already have in place, and where are these located? If the plan is hidden or if employees aren’t trained for emergency scenarios, you aren’t ready to handle an emergency spill. If you can’t quickly answer these questions, there is no way you can respond to a hazardous waste spill with urgency.

Check that you’ve got the cleanup equipment on hand, including the appropriate containers to hold contaminated materials. Refresh employee training periodically so staff know exactly what to do if a spill occurs.

Follow Hazardous Waste Laws

Both the state and federal government have laws regarding hazardous waste. Not only are there two sets of laws, but laws can change frequently and if you don’t keep up with the changes, you will fall out of compliance. Laws affect everything from the proper handling and storage of hazardous waste to emergency cleanup and disposal.

Review all of the existing regulations to keep up with changes or consider partnering with a hazardous waste disposal company who can track these changes for you. Many companies find that hiring a hazardous waste company is cost effective, because these companies work with your business and your workers to customize solutions to your needs.

Find the Perfect Partner

Be selective when choosing a hazardous waste disposal company. You must choose a company that’s certified and will remain compliant with hazardous waste disposal laws, so your waste is properly handled. Look for a company that is familiar with the materials you have and your company or industry.

Once you’ve found a hazardous waste partner, talk to them about your concerns. Listen for suggestions you will be able to incorporate into your plans for effectively handling a hazardous waste spill. As you tweak your contingency plans using their suggestions, you’ll be better able to handle a spill and mitigate the damage.

The consequences of a hazardous waste spill can be significant. By understanding the risks and committing to responsible waste handling, you can mitigate the physical damage of a spill as well as the cost of cleanup and lost productivity.