4 Unpleasant Consequences of Mismanaging Hazardous Waste

To manage hazardous waste, you must follow laws and regulations which can feel onerous. If you’ve wondered whether you need to follow all the rules, learn four unpleasant consequences of mismanaging hazardous waste.

Failed Inspections

Mishandling hazardous waste breaks laws and regulations, which means your company will fail routine examinations. This can disrupt your operation and cause negative press. Failed inspections bring hefty fines; if repeated problems occur, your business could be shut down as a result of breaking compliance.

Risky Workplace

Any time you do not follow regulations, you place employees at risk of serious harm. Your employees may be exposed to toxic chemicals on the job site, including through a waste spill, explosion, or fire. In a worst case scenario, your employees could become injured or even die from the dangerous workplace.

Increased Expenses

While failed inspections mean organizational fines, there are other expenses that increase when you mismanage hazardous waste. Your insurance premiums will increase if employees are injured as a result of waste mismanagement on the job, and you may suffer labor shortages as well.

If you are caught after a long history of breaking the rules regarding proper waste management, environmental cleanup will be very expensive. You may also be sued for your failure to comply with regulations; environmental lawsuits bring negative press, steep costs, and mandatory mitigation if you are found liable.

Environmental Hazards

Hazardous waste is harmful for the environment, which is why your company must follow regulations when managing the waste. If you do not handle the waste properly, side effects include leachate, contamination and pollution.

When it comes to hazardous waste, it is much better to do things the right way from the start than try to avoid these costs of hazardous waste management.

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