4 Considerations When Setting Up a Hazardous Waste Room

If you’re setting up a hazardous waste room, there are a lot of variables to consider. Select the right location by paying attention to these four elements.

  1. Does the Room Size Meet Your Needs?

Will the space you’re considering meet your needs, not only today but in the future? As your company grows, you’ll use more chemicals, and in turn create more waste.

When selecting a new space for a waste room, it’s important to choose somewhere that’s scalable, so it meets your needs in the long term, not just immediately.

  1. Is the Location Practical?

Regulations require flammable or reactive waste to be 15 meters from the property line. Yet this frequently means that hazardous waste rooms are located at the property’s edge, making it impractical for staff to dispose of waste. The more time your employees spend handling and disposing of waste, the higher your risk.

Consider locating the waste room near your loading dock instead, to save time.

  1. What are You Collecting?

When you know what type of waste you’ll be collecting, and how everything will be stored, you can set up the room accordingly. Before you proceed, evaluate the waste streams and plan.

  1. How are You Venting the Space?

With a hazardous waste ventilation room, it’s a smart idea to have high ventilation capabilities and to monitor the air. This will give you enough information to keep employees safe, for instance by providing personal protective gear to employees tasked with materials disposal.

Failure to consider these variables could leave your employees vulnerable to injury or your business vulnerable to a hazardous waste spill. Lower your risk and protect your employees by giving serious thought to the setup of your hazardous waste room before you build.